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5 Steps to a New Roof

At Exterior Home Solutions, we aim to provide homeowners a straightforward path to achieving the perfect roof. Let’s walk through the five essential steps to ensure your home is well-covered.

1. Initial Roof Assessment

It begins with understanding the current state of your roof. This step is all about gauging the need for a roof replacement by assessing wear and ensuring the overall health of the structure.

2. Personalized Consultation

Each home has its distinct charm, and that’s why a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. During our consultation, we’ll understand your needs and preferences, helping you make the right decisions, especially when Choosing Materials.

3. Budget and Timeframe Determination

The cost of a new roof can be daunting, but with transparency, it becomes manageable. Our detailed Cost Analysis ensures you’re well-informed about the expenses, giving you peace of mind.

4. Professional Roof Installation

With a clear plan and budget outlined, the real action begins. Our team excels in delivering top-notch roof installation services, ensuring every asphalt shingle is perfectly in place.

5. Final Inspection and Quality Assurance

The final step involves a thorough inspection to ensure everything aligns with our stringent quality standards, leaving you with a roof that stands the test of time.

Ready to Begin Your Roofing Journey?

Start the process of acquiring your new roof with confidence. Call us at 360-448-5925 or schedule a roof inspection online. At Exterior Home Solutions, our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible for you.