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New Roof Cost Breakdown

At Exterior Home Solutions, we believe in providing our clients with transparency and clarity when it comes to investing in their homes. One of the most common questions we encounter is: “How much does a new roof cost?” In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the costs associated with roof replacement and roof installation for asphalt shingles. Let’s dive right in.

Factors Influencing New Roof Costs

  1. Size of Your Roof: Naturally, the bigger your roof, the more material will be required. This plays a significant role in determining the total cost.
  2. Pitch and Slope: Steeper roofs require additional precautions, which can lead to a higher labor cost.
  3. Quality of Materials: While we exclusively work with asphalt shingles, there are varying grades and quality levels that can influence the cost.
  4. Removal of Old Roofing: Depending on the existing state, removing old shingles and preparing the surface can vary in price.
  5. Labor: This is usually the most significant cost, especially if intricate work or customizations are required for your home.
  6. Location and Accessibility: Homes that are harder to access or are located in areas with higher living costs might be slightly pricier.

The Investment in Longevity and Efficiency

A new roof isn’t just about aesthetics or protecting your home from the elements. It’s also about enhancing energy efficiency. Top-quality asphalt shingles provide excellent insulation, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. So, while you’re spending on a new roof now, you’ll save on energy bills in the long run.

The Benefits of a Professional Roof Installation

When you choose Exterior Home Solutions for your roof installation, you’re making a choice for excellence. Our team ensures:

  • Precise and accurate installation for maximum longevity.
  • Comprehensive cleanup post-installation.
  • Respect for your property and surroundings.
  • Peace of mind with warranties that back our work.

Ready to Get Started?

Don’t leave it to guesswork. Give your home the best. Schedule a roof inspection with us today and get an exact breakdown of costs tailored for your home. Call us at 360-448-5925.